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Terre del Veio

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Terre del Veio
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The winery came into being more than 50 years ago; located inside Parco di Veio alongside the recently discovered ancient Etruscan burial called “Leoni Ruggenti” (700 BC), it consisted originally of an old plot farmed as a vineyard, and a cellar dug into the tuff. In the 2000s, Paolo David took over the business, planting new vineyards and bringing Terre del Veio to the levels that now distinguish it. The winery is the product of a territory that has been practicing viticulture for thousands of years. Set on the gentle slopes of the territory overlooking the ancient Etruscan city of Veii, and then the Roman countryside, its 12 hectares of vineyard surround the Winery, built with the finest technology to safeguard the quality of the grape. Although wine is the farm’s main production, our lands offer other prized products, like olive oil and the honey from our bees. With its picturesque settings and panoramas, amid cellars, vineyards, and farm animals, the enterprise also offers a relaxing break in contact with nature, just a stone’s throw from the Capital.

Via Formellese 173/d

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