Vini ROMA D.O.C.


Rome is age-old history, art, culture, and beauty; it is the cradle of civilization, a meeting place, and a unique example of hospitality.

Rome embraces and opens its arms to the whole world with its immense and extraordinary heritage of scenery, wine, and food, which goes well beyond the city boundaries to tell the story of lands, unique landscapes, and the wisdom of our artisans of taste.

And this of course includes the Rome wine that since 2011 has borne the Roma DOC (Denominazione di origine controllata, DOC, “controlled designation of origin”) denomination and, since 27 June 2018, boasts the protection of a Consorzio di Tutela (protection consortium) recognized erga omnes since 21 January 2020.

Amid hills, plains, and coastline, Roma DOC embraces about 305 hectares of vineyards and 92 wineries in the supply chain, for an output that exceeds one million bottles, with the potential to triple this number over the next two years.

For years, Unioncamere Lazio has been strongly committed to promoting and valorising regional agrifood production and the DOC, DOP, PGI, IGT denominations, in order to increase their quality and make them more well-known and competitive at home and abroad.

It was with this objective, in close concert with Consorzio di Tutela del vino Roma Doc, that this website has come into being, with the main objective of promoting Roma DOC wines in Italy and abroad.

The website will provide an opportunity to become acquainted with the wineries and wines, also from a perspective of promoting the territory, for the discovery of Roma DOC wines.

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