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Cantina Bacco s.c.r.l.
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From ancient Rome to tables around the world. A story of family, tradition and innovation. The Cantina Bacco, located at Nettuno, has ancient roots in the local history of winemaking. It all started thanks to the intuition of some producers united by the desire to nurture and protect the indigenous grapes from the area, which have been cultivated in those places for ages. Since 1973, this enterprise operates under the name Cantina Bacco, still run by the third generation of the same families.

In 1973 some vine-growers pooled and established the Cantina Bacco of Nettuno to continue a tradition lasting over the centuries.

In this rich soil, warmed by a friendly sun all the time and with a constant favorable climate, vines like the famous Cacchione of Nettuno, cultivated with high professionalism, produce timely grapes that are accurately selected, leveraging on the ancient traditions and the modern techniques; these grapes give to the connoisseurs the delicacy that in the past delighted Marco Tullio Cicerone’s table in his villa of Torre Astura and the opulent tables of the Emperors in the Roman Antium.

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