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Casa Divina Provvidenza

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Casa Divina Provvidenza Azienda Agricola
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Created in 1890, the “Casa Divina Provvidenza” farm, ceded by the Vatican State to the Cosmi family, has returned to its age-old splendour by focusing on tradition, on the history of a territory like Nettuno, and on the rediscovery of native varieties, a unique heritage in Lazio for more than 2 centuries. The Cosmi family have been winegrowers for 3 generations, devoted to valorising a marvellous fruit of the Earth: the grape. The structure of Nettuno’s terrain, and especially the portion near the coastline, consists mainly of a very hard rock called “Macco.” The imposing grottoes formed by this rock along the coast and beneath the entire city of Nettuno were used as shelters during the War, and later, returning to their more ancient history, as cellars for storing wine. Olive and pine trees frame the vineyard and ring the farmhouse, bearing witness to love and respect for the landscape, and to the great history to which the winery belongs.

Via dei Frati 140

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