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Tenimenti Leone

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Tenimenti Leone
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A territory suited for wine production, with a deep desire to valorise a land: thus Tenimenti Leone was born. Our desire to return to the origins and to rediscover a more authentic world has encouraged us to take on a great challenge: to valorise a little-known territory while expressing its great potential.
“The people among the rows of vines, gestures that are decisive yet full of care, warm colours, and the soft rays of the late-summer sun. And then, the sounds of the vineyard, not at all silent, abounding with energy and poetry: the rumbling of the tractors, laughter, and sighs of fatigue.”
We want to share all that is genuine: sincere products and the true soul of a farm, leaving behind the formality that has always characterized the wine world. A “forgotten” land becomes the cradle for a major product that aims to bring new life to a great beauty.

Via Fontana Parata, 8

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