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Società Agricola Semplice
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Just a few kilometers away from Rome, near the ancient historical winemaking region of Frascati, you will find the impressive tranquil vineyards and olive groves of Merumalia Estate. Century’s old Roman villas can be seen scattered though out the picturesque hillsides, along with incredible panoramic views of Rome glimmering in the distance.

Our philosophy is inspired by its terroir – the idea that wines must be the individual expression of their soil, climate and cultivation in the vineyard – and that this must be maintained according to principles of sustainability and passed on to the next generation.

The wines show character, elegance and great personality, reflecting the most professional winemaking. The nice climatic conditions and the excellent soil characteristics of the vineyards support production of mineral wines, fresh and fruity white as well as concentrated and velvety red.

Merumalia owns 11-hectar estate operated since 1990 by the Fusco family, first of all as private residence than as a farm. This elegant contemporary winery is built on the hillside of an extinct lake at the base of a dormant volcano. As such, the soils is rich in mineral and perfect for growing autochthonous Frascati wine grapes (Lazio Malvasia, Greco, Bombino, Fiano). The Frascati wines are known for their delicious minerality. Since 2013, first vintage, wines have been awarded and judged as quality products by major Italian wine guidebooks and Exhibitions.

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