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Tenuta di Pietra Porzia

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Tenuta di Pietra Porzia
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The Villa is a historic home of design, restricted as a national monument and remaining intact over time. The entire estate is under scenic zoning restriction, and is a highly rare specimen of country architecture that has conserved the charm of an important, period villa, surrounded by its lands and respectful of the tradition of the great agricultural concerns of the past. The long rows of the 36-hectare vineyard occupy the area of the amphitheatre where the ancient Lake Regillus was once located; the lake was drained 2,000 years ago to secure highly fertile volcanic soil for the cultivation of grapevines and of the vegetable gardens surrounding the city of Rome. A real surprise is the Roma Rosso doc Lecino, in which a recently rediscovered native variety, Lecinaro, offers intense, velvety aromas of cocoa and macerated cherries.

Via di Pietra Porzia 60

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