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Fontana Candida

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Fontana Candida S.P.A.
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The Fontana Candida Winery is situated on the hill of Fontana Candida, in a centuries-old country house built in the area where there once rose an imposing Roman villa, possibly owned by the poet Horace (Quintus Horatius Flaccus). The territory is known as Monteporzio (Mons Portii), birthplace of Marcus Porcius Cato the Censor (243-149 B.C.) who in his “De Agricoltura” bore witness to the love he felt for his land and to how life had been cultivated here since time immemorial. Fontana Candida consists of two wineries: the wine-making facility in Frascati and the bottling facility in Monteporzio Catone. The Malvasia Bianca di Candia, Malvasia del Lazio, Trebbiano Toscano and Trebbiano Giallo (Greco) vineyards cover approx. 210 hectares in the heart of the Frascati DOC district. In the vineyards, in the wineries, and all around you can breathe in the passion and wine culture that have made Fontana Candida the most iconic and well-known custodian of the famous “vino dei papi” (wine of the popes) tradition and today it is the epitome of Frascati all over the world.

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