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Azienda Vinicola Federici

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Azienda Vinicola Federici
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Let us enter our time machine and go back to 1960: these are the boom years, the years of La Dolce Vita. Our grandfather Antonio Federici decided to make wines for that Italy, the post-War Italy finally rediscovering the desire to savour things, to raise a toast, to live. Thus begins our family’s history in wine: at that time, wine was made quite differently from how it is today. Then, in 2001, the great change arrived: our father decided it was time to move on to farming the vines directly, in order to be able to control grape quality and to create wines responding to a taste that was changing and seeking new quality benchmarks. All our wines are created from grapes raised in our vineyards and from the land that was trodden upon and worked by our father and grandfather, or provided by neighbouring farms and winemakers with whom we have created long-term collaborations, and who respect our standards for cultivating and tending the vineyard. We put our family name on the bottles, and we want everything to be done in our image and likeness. This is why we are in our vineyards and in our cellar every day. It is a personal commitment we signed on to the day we were born into this family. In this way, we carry forward the family’s and the territory’s tradition, cultivating it each and every day.

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